Friday, May 30, 2008

Interview with Sustainability Leader in Kano, Northern Nigeria

In line with the vision of E-glo project of the Earth Charter International which is to inspire millions of youths, highly capable, and connected youth all around the world bringing about justice, sustainability, and peace in their own lives, local communities, and the world, Leaders in sustainability in our local communities and the globe acts as inspiration to many.

Esther: Hello, can you tell us your name and where you work?
Murtala: I am Murtala Adogi Mohammed, a lecture of Biological Science Dept Federal College of Education Technical Kano State. I work in an Environmental Governance Based NGO known as Center for Education and Leadership Development
Esther: Ok. Tell us what you think is sustainable development?
Murtala: Sustainable development is an act of development in which the resources are used and preserved or maintained for future generation to also make use of it.
Esther: How can issues be address using sustainability? Including poverty and environment and social challenges?
Murtala: Issues based on poverty can be address if there is economic Empowerment . People at the grassroot needs to be empowered so that they can able to stop cutting down trees for domestic purposes
Esther: Are local inhabitants concerned about global environmental challenges?
Murtala: Yes they are concern, but the issue is the needs some capacity building and awareness campaigns to address the issue but nobody can not say that he is not feeling the impact of climate change.
Esther Is your community doing something to save environment? Are politicians involved, or NGOs active?
Murtala: For now the community is doing something which has to do with tree planting but it not enough. Civil Society Coalitions and governments needs to add more effort in awareness creation and capacity building so that people will do more action at the community level.
Esther: Are the local government interested in supporting environmental actions?
Murtala: the local governments are not fully interested in supporting environmental actions because of political issues. They will want intervention only in their community sure as the tree planting instead of areas that vulnerable to climate change
Esther: Are you hopeful that we can avoid a major environmental crisis? Why?
Murtala: Yes!
Esther: Why?
Murtala: If there is serious political and government action and commitment to Ecological issues.
Esther: Thanks Murtala Adogi Mohmmed..

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Clarice said...

Dear Esther, I liked the question you asked about sustainability in relation with poverty! I think the answer is also very intelligent,because when people are empowered they can take sustainable decisions, they can have alternatives to their common practices and still be able to fulfill their basic needs. I liked the proverb you mentioned once: "A hungry person is an angry person!"