Friday, May 30, 2008

Climate Change Refugges in Nigeria

Nigeria is one of the countries expected to be most affected by the impacts of climate change. through sea level rise along our 800 km long coast line, intensified desertification , erosion and flooding disasters and general land degradation. One prediction is that 'Nigeria will lose close to $9 billion as a result of the catastrophe while, at least, 80 per cent of the inhabitants of the Niger Delta will be displaced due to the low level of the oil-rich region. ..' (Guardian, Monday September 17,2001, p.80).

Already Nigeria Climate Change refuggees are increasing in numbers everyday.

As Nigeria's economy improves, its per capita greenhouse gas emissions may approach those of the developed nations of the world today. This, combined with continued gas flaring and a large population, will further worsen Nigeria' s standing as a key emitter of greenhouse gases globally

Where will be safe for Nigerians in the next 5 yrears?

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