Friday, March 8, 2013


Violence Against Women

This often sounds very abstract and academic but one will be amazed at the number of children and women in our communities who experience one form of violence or  the other daily. Many times, these are close family members and friends and they die daily under the culture of silence. Growing up in a family of five children, one didn't necessary have to ask why many thing weren't working the way we wanted them to, why many children didn't go to school when many of their mates were in schools . 

I remember vividly one occasion  while growing up that changed my life and defined my vision and passion for my now adult life.  

I returned home from school on this particular day and while eating my cold lunch, I heard a loud scream coming form the house next door. It was a girl’s scream. It was my friend’s scream. I didn't see her to school that day. I wondered why?

I was curious. Even more curious as my parent didn’t want to tell me why the scream was so loud. As darkness  came upon us, I sneaked out and went to the backyard to where my friend was, she was still crying.  I asked her why the screaming, the crying and why she wasn't at  school that same day.

I was shocked when she showed her back to me, where her aunt had used a pressing iron to ‘press’ her back. Why would a women do this her?  I asked her. She said that because she didn't sell all the food items she was given to hawk and sell that day.

We were 13 years old. 

Tell me why this will happen to a 13 year old? Even after that incident, the beatings and screaming became a frequent episode.

This experience inspired me to join the Child’s Rights Bridge and Taking IT Global, an online community of change makers, empowered through access to technology.  On my first opportunity to learn about Child Abuse and violence against young women, I was inspired to make my voice heard.  I am empowered by my education and new technology even brings us closer to the issue as well as solution.  speaking with one voice to end violence against women

We need more girls and young women who can speak out against the evils of violence on women and girls. Providing access to education is key to ending violence against women. I am very proud to be among young advocates fighting to end violence against in Nigeria.

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