Saturday, October 24, 2009

International Youth Preparatory Meeting for COP 15, Malmo, Sweden 23rd-25th October, 2009

Dear All,

Yesterday was the first day that of the International Youth Preparatory Meeting organised by Swedish National Council of Youth Organisations (LSU) and the European Youth forum (YFJ) here in Malmo, Sweden.

The event is participated by about 80 young leaders of various different network from those of the European Union, Nordic Youth and from other Developing countries.

This is the beginning of a 48 Hours crash course to bring the youth from all over the world up to speed and start to strategize ourselves towards COP15.

Below are what was covered on just half the day:
European Environment Agency & the Road to Copenhagen
Basic Crash Course of what UNFCCC is and what is happening up till now
Climate Negotiations (Advance info on negotiations)
Youth Regional Coordination: State of play of the youth efforts in the respective regions

Today, more are being covered and everyone is taking it well even though it can be information overload. So well done young leaders here for IYPM!

Hopefully, this will inspire many of you to be able to do some level of regional stratergizing or consultation so when we convene, we can confidently mention how many youth we have managed to involved beyond just those who are at COP itself.

44 more days to COP and we want your participation! Join the various working groups and you can start taking the lead to create the vibrancy within YOUNGO toward COP, at COP and beyond COP.

Among the four African Delegate is Esther Agbarakwe of Nigerian Youth Coalition(NYCC)

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