Wednesday, August 19, 2009

JUST FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS:My 2009 Fellowship with Dekeyser & Friends Foundation....Schlierseer, Germany

Life offers a multitude of exciting and wonderful possibilities– yet to find one‘s own way and belief in oneself is a lifelong endeavour. Especially young people are searching for meaning and are often left alone with it. On the other hand, experienced people would like to pass on their energy. What is often missing is a platform, which brings young people from all around the
world together with experienced and competent individuals to jointly engage in inspiring activities.

The Dekeyser&Friends Foundation aims to spread courage and optimism by becoming a central platform – offering unique experiences to young people, bringing them in contact with peers from different cultures and social backgrounds and fostering exchange between
them and distinguished personalities. Whilst the Dekeyser&Friends projects have very different
content – ranging from cultural to social issues, sports and start-ups – they all foster the same encounters and thereby trust, courage, respect, tolerance, optimism and
team spirit.

The goal is not only to inspire those young people but also to help them to become active personalities – changemakers – in their respective social environments.

Construct and restore a 17th century farmhouse at Lake Schliersee in the German Alps with 15 Fellows from all over the world starting in September 2009.

What did 17th century life in the Bavarian mountains look like? You can find out together with other Fellows from around the world. Together with Markus Wasmeier, I will restore a 17th century farmhouse with materials, tools and techniques originally used in these times. Together with the team I will rebuild the farmhouse from scratch and learn unique wood-crafting techniques and handicraft skills that are almost forgotten.

The Dekeyse r&Friends Foundation strives to create a platform, which allows young people from different cultures and social strata to have unique experiences, influential encounters and thus gain inspiration, optimism and courage for their own life journey.

Inspiration – Exchange of experiences – Courage

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