Thursday, May 7, 2009

Youth at the UN Commission on Sustainable Development 17th Session May 4th -15th 2009

Youth Caucus Opening Statement

UN Commission on Sustainable Development 17th Session

New York, 4th May 2009

Esther Agbarakwe.

Thank you very much Madame Chair.

“Swords into ploughshares, words into action”. My neighbors in Nigeria and other parts of the world have to use those ploughshares everyday to feed their children. Some are not aware of the UN's discussions, but their futures depend on the decisions made here at the CSD and, more importantly, your commitment to implementing them nationally.

We have a common responsibility to leave a better legacy for our children.

All stakeholders, especially youth, need to be integrally involved in the process of information gathering, decision making, implementation and review. While youth and other major groups are ready in service, only you – the country representatives – can make these decisions happen.

Through collaboration, we can empower local communities to engage successfully in sustainable development initiatives, using innovative solutions to deal with global challenges.

We do care about what you say here, but our lives depend on how you implement these policies at home. So practice what you preach.

The urgency is immense for taking action now.

We can make the difference that is needed to create a more just, equitable and sustainable world.

Thank you.


cosmasNigeria said...

Wonderful statement.Your emphasis on practical implementation and action is worth commending. I hope they(National authorities )listen.


Ba-Ana-Itenebe A. Cosmas
Intern,(Peace Action and Training Research Institute of Romania).

Esther Agbarakwe (Ms) said...

Dear Cosmas. Thanking you for commenting. I hope we see soon in Nigeria and put all yout experinces into action.